Here’s the provisional 2017 Lebanese motorsport calendar

February 7, 2017 – The Automobile & Touring Club of Lebanon (ATCL) has published the 2017 provisional calendar for all Lebanese racing championships. Note that these dates may be subject to change.

Date Event
Feb-25 Rotax Max Karting Round 1
Feb-26 X30 Karting Round 1
Mar-18 Rotax Max Karting Round 2
April 1-2 33rd Spring Rally
Apr-08 Rotax Max Karting Round 3
Apr-22 Rotax Max Karting Round 4
Apr-29 X30 Karting Round 2
Apr-30 1st Speed Test
May-13 Rotax Max Karting Round 5
May-14 X30 Karting Round 3
May 27-28 2nd Speed Test, 1st Drift
Jun-04 1st Hill Climb
June 10-11 6th Jezzine Rally
Jun-25 2nd Drift
Jul-01 Rotax Max Karting Round 6
July 8-9 26th Cedars Rally
Jul-15 Rotax Max Karting Round 7
Jul-16 2nd Hill Climb
Jul-22 3rd Speed Test
Jul-23 3rd Drift
Jul-29 X30 Karting Round 4
Jul-30 4×4 Round 1
Aug-06 3rd Hill Climb
Aug-12 4th Drift
Aug-13 4th Speed Test
September 1-2-3 40th Rally of Lebanon
Sep-09 X30 Karting Round 5
Sep-16 Rotax Max Karting Round 8
Sep-17 5th Speed Test
Sep-23 X30 Karting Round 6
Oct-01 5th Drift
Oct-15 4×4 Round 2
Nov-05 4×4 Round 3

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