Every year the Le Mans 24-Hours circuit undergoes evolutions, further development and maintenance works. After the recent works aimed at making the Porsche corners safer and improving the sanitation under the track, 2018 will see a major innovation as the start line will be moved 145 metres further up the pits straight. This measure will be applied to all the events for cars and bikes on both the Bugatti circuit and the iconic Le Mans 24-Hours layout.

In concrete terms this means that the national flag dropped by the starter of the Le Mans 24-Hours will be waved over the car on pole position, 145 metres further up the track than before. This is a change which, at the moment of the flying start, will enable all the cars to line up on the pits straight when the start is about to be given thus avoiding the situation of having cars in the Ford chicanes when the pack is finally unleashed.

For events with standing starts like the French Motorbike Grand Prix, this modification means that all the bikes will be displayed on the straight to the delight of the spectators in the grandstands opposite the pits.

But the finishing line’s position won’t change. Thus, to calculate the distance covered by the cars/bikes, people will have to do the following sum – subtract 145 metres from the number of laps covered multiplied by the length of the circuit in question.

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