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Mechanical Engineer intern at Mercedes-Benz, dealt with different passenger models including AMG and also with Commercial vehicles. Owner of Spin - rent a car, experienced Test driver

The Volkswagen Golf GTI Mk7: Seductively Untouchable

Oct 15, 2014Youssef Roukoz

They say that you find a lot of your lady’s character when you push things between you to the limit! Here I go again, I’m...

Yankees are just too fat to engineer for performance!

Apr 07, 2014Youssef Roukoz

I am pretty sure people will notice a guy wearing a ridiculously large Lakers shirt and huge baggy pants in downtown Milan, Italy; Same thing...

Super Cars or Shopping Karts!

Mar 29, 2014Youssef Roukoz

Buckle up, I’m back! Let me cut straight to the point and ask the questions that are causing me the chronic insomnia: what is happening...

Liters vs. Volts

Jun 07, 2012Youssef Roukoz

Help save the making the world fun and sporty

Drive winter, Drive safe!

Dec 14, 2011Youssef Roukoz

Some winter driving tips.

“The Greatest Driver Never To Win The World Championship”

Dec 08, 2011Youssef Roukoz

Let's talk about living legends!

So what’s wrong with the Cayman?

Oct 12, 2011Youssef Roukoz

The new Cayman, i'd buy it!


Sep 16, 2011Youssef Roukoz

exclusive interview with Abdo Feghali before the rally


Sep 16, 2011Youssef Roukoz

Interview with Nick Georgiou before the rally (audio)

Pirelli: No hard tyres for the next 3 races

Aug 04, 2011Youssef Roukoz

Pirelli will not bring its hard tyre for any of the next three races on the calendar. Pirelli motorsport director Paul Hembery said: “We’ve got...

3.7-now where did I see this number?

Aug 03, 2011Youssef Roukoz

  Good day ladies and Rev-heads, I sure miss throwing honest info and automotive data on your oil lubricated, high CO emitting brains. Well the...

Cedars Rally 2011 – Drivers impressions in service area

Jun 06, 2011Youssef Roukoz

What happened in the first 3 stages and what did the drivers feel after they completed them. Read more…

Cedars Rally 2011 – Drivers impressions ahead of the start

Jun 05, 2011Youssef Roukoz

Check out what the drivers had to say before the start of the rally in the Cedar start area.

From BMW with Love… and Durability

May 19, 2011Youssef Roukoz

  There is a popular saying here in Lebanon that leads to the following concept: too much is as significant as less! Well yes, too...