Careem, the region’s leading ride-hailing company in the region, including North Africa, Turkey and Pakistan, has launched a range of motivational initiatives aiming at celebrating the achievements of its Captains in Lebanon, including diverse non-traditional activities to enrich their experience and motivate them continuously, considering that they are the backbone of the company’s business in Lebanon.

As part of the initiative, Careem listened and catered to the needs of its Captains by designing a rewards scheme, through its Captain Facebook page, including launching competitions and trivia questions, in addition to other activities. Not only that, but it has also collaborated with Medco to provide Captains with gas, car wash, and oil changes service coupons, as part of the company’s ongoing mission to provide a safe and reliable transportation for both Captains and Customers.

On this occasion, Careem’s Managing Director of Emerging Markets Ibrahim Manna said: “We are pleased to launch initiatives that affirm our commitment and determination to offer the best services that are not limited to Careem users, but rather include the Captains who work with us, and we are keen on offering them the best work environment possible. In fact, Captains are the backbone of our operations, and the heart of the exceptional service we want to offer in Lebanon. This thrusts us to reach with them the highest levels of acceptance and leads to positive results allowing us to offer reliable and convenient services to our customers, and to preserve their trust in us.”

Manna concluded by saying: “At Careem, we always aim at praising our team of Captains, and giving them privileges, to make us the best choice of work for them. Since we put our platform’s users at the top of our priority list, we strive for giving our Captains the highest level of training before they start working, provided that they meet the requirements of joining our team of Captains.”

He reiterates that those wide initiatives are part of a series of campaigns and projects that Careem is designing to enrich the experience of its Captains.

Anyone can be one of Careem’s Captains by submitting an application to the website and meeting the requirements of employment. All the chosen applicants will be given a full training to help them make a revenue for themselves and their families.

For more information on our Captains’ initiatives, please visit Careem Captain’s page by following the link:

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