W Motors has announced its participation in the upcoming Year of Zayed Concours, where the Middle East’s only developer of hypercars will be present both as a sponsor and with a display of its Fenyr SuperSport and Lykan HyperSport.

The New Fenyr SuperSport is the latest addition to the W Motors line-up of Hypercars Focusing purely on performance, power and speed. Limited to only 25 units per year, reaching a total of 100 units worldwide, the carbon fiber masterpiece perfertly balances advanced aerodynamics engineering with the aggresive W Motors aesthetics conceived by the Dubai-based W Motors Design Studio.

From 13th-15th December, exotic car collectors and enthusiasts visiting the exclusive Concours will be able to admire these rare supercars at the Bvlgari Resort Dubai.

The Lykan HyperSport is powered by a 3,746 cc (3.7 L) twin-turbocharged flat-six engine developed by Ruf Automobile, producing a maximum power output of 750 PS (740 bhp; 552 kW) at 7,100 rpm and 960 N⋅m (708 lb⋅ft) of torque at 4,000 rpm. The engine has a mid-rear mounted position and transfers power to the rear wheels.

The all-new Fenyr SuperSport is the latest model to be launched by W Motors, a limited edition with a production run of only 110 cars including 10 “Fenyr SuperSport Launch Editions”; the iconic Lykan HyperSport is the company’s first production car – and the celebrated hero car of Universal Pictures blockbuster The Fast & The Furious 7.

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