ANB Motorcyces organizes KTM Enduro Race at AUT

May 4, 2016 – ANB Motorcycles organized in collaboration with American University of Technology – Fidar a KTM Enduro Race on a track prepared especially for that event inside AUT campus.

The President of Fidar municipality Dr. Naim Bassil gave the starting signal and 15 motocross riders competed for three hours in the presence of 500 spectators. The results came as follows:

Clubmen category:

  1. Charbel Bou Mitri
  2. Joe Sallouty
  3. Ricardo Hosri

Advanced Category:

  1. Jad Kobaissi
  2. Yves Khadra
  3. Roger Nazarian – Mohammed Hachicho

The president of AUT Mrs. Ghada Hinain distributed the prizes to the winners.

ANB Moto KTM Enduro AUT - (1)

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