Meet Golf GTI W12 650

Good day ladies and Rev-heads, I sure miss throwing honest info and automotive data on your oil lubricated, high CO emitting brains. Well the reason it’s been a long time since we’ve shared a discussion is because I was in an automotive, engineering x,y shock! And what I write now is my testimony of the shocking truth.


W12 650

Caution this article is dangerous; you can get a heart attack! If you are allergic to adrenaline just push the X button on the top right side of your screen and leave my page. Because what you’re about to witness is an act of human extreme madness…

I like to call it the Latin lady of the car industry, a real chica caliente. Short with a sexy buffed up butt that swings uncontrollably on the samba music of the 6.0 litre W12 twin-turbo engine from a Bentley Continental. In mathematical words, it’s a short vector with a fat behind!

It still got 4 wheels not wings and flaps; it still has a steering wheel not a high-tech joystick! However with the current automobile technology Golf engineers were able to create a skyrocketing tiny car. This concept GTI is not so much bigger than the normal one, and for the first time observer he might think it’s a normal GTI but pumped up in the local town body-shop. However come closer and take a look, carbon fiber is all over it and switches all over the dash just like in fighter jets. The W12 biturbo under the hood delivers a staggering  650bhp at 6000 RPM and 554N.m of torque when you get to 4500RPM all this delivered to the six-speed automatic gearbox. No doubt these are numbers that fits this car in the supper car category. What a world!? A GTI driver is able to impress the girlfriend of a Ferrari owner either by hitting the top speed of 325 Km/hr or by getting from 0 to 100 Km/hr in just 3.7seconds. Also the lucky Golfer can draw nice smooth tail slides, to answer your traction mode question! It is a rear wheel drive bullet, with the rear axle and brakes of the Lamborghini Gallardo. The bottom of this car is swollen like the hips of a latino samba dancer to contain the intake vents. And the latin mystic of this car continues; imagine you’re Rio and the festival is at its peak, how foolish would you be to ask one of the lady dancers to join you for a cup of tea!? Well this is as foolish as a driver trying to contain and control this GTI when cornering! No matter how gentle you are the car’s answer will be furry, refusal. Only in the case of the samba lady you’d be heartbroken but in case of the GTI you will crash!


The Interior, Jet Fighter Style

Well the conception of such car was, to be honest, a bold act of the engineers. However to me Golf just skipped a lot of steps going up on the stairs of performance, cool it down a little unless you’re not targeting the commercial market!

(To my Number One Fan, R.M)


Tail Happy!

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