Carrying the legendary tuners scorpion logo, the Abarth variant of the Fiat 500 sports a 1.4 liter turbo charged in line for producing an estimated 160 BHP (vs. the ordinary 500’s normally aspirated 101 BHP) with torque estimated at 170lb-ft. ( up from 98lb-ft). The standard transmission is a 5 speed manual.

A-tech highlight is the innovative multi-air electro-Hydraulic intake valve hardware, the first of its kind in production. Rather than cam-lobe actuated, the intake valves are open by hydraulic fluid touted through a narrow passage controlled by a dual action solenoid at highway speeds or under full flow and thus opening the intake valves completely. By contrast, at light load, the solenoid opens, letting fluid bypass the passage, essentially decoupling valves.

Abarth does other magic with the Fiat’s electric-assisted steering gear, Macpherson strut front suspension and twist beam rear. Springs are 20 percent stiffer; ride height is reduced by 06 inches. Unique styling features set the Abarth apart from lesser 500 models, including trim packages for personalizing the car

Expect the Fiat 500 Abarth to arrive in the spring with pricing in the neighborhood of 30000$ in the Middle East markets.

To check out the pictures of the new Abarth please click here.

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