Cadillac has gone wild in designing a new “Mini Cadillac” I personally can’t get the point of it but they are surely opening a new market with this new Concept.

So what’s the Urban Luxury concept then?

Without all the BLA BLA, this car is 1 meter shorter than the Cadillac CTS saloon, and its about the size of the Suzuki swift, which many believe is Cadillac’s reply to all new trend of small cars started by MINI.

This is ultimately the smallest Caddy ever and sarcastically is designed by a guy called SMART, Niki Smart a 37 year old lad from the UK. “we have been looking for small premium cars for a while for both Cadillac and Buick, and asking ourselves if we can go there.” said Smart.

The ULC’s clever monobox package provides sufficient space to maintain the feeling of luxury; the downsized engine is a 1.0L turbo triple hybrid, four seat hatchback and brilliant execution of a downsized caddy.

Will they build it? Let’s wait and see.

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