When the challenges ahead pit you against 5,000km of Peruvian dunes you need a plan that covers every conceivable eventuality. For the entire fortnight of action at the 2019 Dakar Rally the ideal road trip companion will be Red Bull’s comprehensive coverage. From January 6 onwards, we’ll be in the thick of the action and transmitting our content to every corner of the globe.

Our Dakar Daily show on Red Bull TV will be beamed from the bivouac to where you are and whatever device you chose to watch it on. Presenters Mike Chen and Caroline De Moraes will bring you the biggest stories and personalities involved in the rally on a daily basis. Watch the best of the last series of the Dakar Daily right here. Do you speak Dakar? So do we, that’s why we’ll be subtitling the Dakar Daily into six languages for our global audience to enjoy.


Redbull.com/Dakar will be our main hub for everything Dakar. The Dakar hub brings together the best of Red Bull’s Dakar content in one place. It’s available in six languages and defaults based on your location to autoplay the latest episode of Dakar Daily automaticaly.

We invite all news desks, broadcasters and journalists out there to bookmark the Red Bull Content Pool. Here you will find daily news cuts and interviews available for download and third party distribution. Our team of photographers will be out on every stage, uploading their content and making the Red Bull Content Pool the first place to find editorial standard high resolution images of the rally daily.


The Dakar Rally can often be a confusing business, with leaderboards changing hour by hour. To find out exactly what the state of play is on each stage you should sign up to the Red Bull Desert Wings newsletter. As well as putting you in the know on what’s happening in the race, the newsletter will also contain links to our very latest moving and still images.

You’ll also find us on social media throughout the Dakar, with content uploaded to the Instagram, Facebook and Twitter accounts of RedBull.com/Motorsports. You can also get under the skin of the Dakar with behind-the-scenes content on our @redbulldesertwings Instagram account (#rallydakar #redbullmotorsports). Plus, keep tabs on Red Bull’s Facebook and Twitter for even more race action.


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