March 30, 2016 – In 2009, the UK government introduced the “scrappage scheme”, a regulation that allowed UK citizens to trade in their old cars for new ones, save £2000 (approx $2800),  and the saddest part: have the old cars scrapped.

While most of the 400,000 old cars that were traded in deserved to die, there were some that didn’t, including a variety of classics from Peugeot (205 GTI), Audi (Quattro), Porsche (928, 924, 944), Nissan (200SX), Volkswagen (Golf, Corrado), BMW (E24, E28, E30), Mazda (RX-7) and more.

The classics were recently discovered in a disused airfield in Bedfordshire, and car enthusiasts in the country are trying to save the cars from death after setting up a petition that now has more than 30,000 supporters. Much like artifacts, we believe these cars are worth saving, and it’s good to see people in the UK do something about it.

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UK scrapped cars

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