Lately we are getting the impression that there is something personal between Infiniti and BMW. We have the tendency to believe that the Japanese monster is trying to battle BMW in all categories but without diesel engines. Isn’t it weird?

Well it has become weirder with the new Infiniti M30d that really feels like a Jaguar. Well a jaguar with a diesel engine. Yes they built a diesel engine after all. Well has it become personal with Jaguar too?

Well the car has an amazing driver’s cabin with a very impressive sound system for music and other features. It is LUXURY from top to bottom.

The car isn’t just a piece of classic luxury. It carries some of the edge and slipperiness of the Nissan 370z. Experts believe that the diesel engine used suits the car much better than the petrol used on the M37.

Engine: 3.0, 24v, V6, 235bhp,

Transmission: 7 speed automatic 2 wheel drive

Stats: from 0-100km in 6.9sec

Weight: 1845kg

We still believe that the Jaguar XF and the 5 series are much better entertainers, and we still didn’t mention those at Lexus.

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