Roger Feghali and Nick Georgiou from MotorTune were present in the launching of the Renault sport Brand last Saturday at the Beirut Water front to test drive and demonstrate the cars in front of the Media and VIPs.

Roger Lebanon’s rally legend has established himself through his year of success as the top name in Lebanese Motorsports and especially rallying and his presence in the launching was one of great value. Numerous accomplishments and huge experience served to demonstrate Renault’s sports cars in the best possible way. We met Roger briefly and had this engaging conversation.

We are seeing you today with Renault, what can you tell us about this experience especially that it’s the first with Renault this year?

The relationship with Renault goes back to 1997 and 1998 where I won the Lebanese rally champion 2 times in a row with the French maker, so it’s not our first time together.

Today we have a very nice event for Renault sport. We will be testing and demonstrating 2 cars, the Clio Gordini and the Megane RS. We will be taking about the specialty of both cars and it is an honor for me and Nick (Nicholai Georgiou) to be here. In the morning the event will be dedicated for the press and in the afternoon, the clients and VIPs will have the chance to ride alongside us and drive the car themselves. We will demonstrate how the Chassis is working and how strong the brakes are. We will also show everyone how smooth the car is and how responsive the steering is too. The steering of the car is just unbelievable. So our main aim today is to demonstrate all the aspects of this car.

So what cars, will you be driving, the Clio Gordini, the Megane RS or the Twingo?

The Twingo is just here for exhibition, and I will be driving the Megane all day while Nick Georgiou will be driving the Clio Gordini.

We are seeing the Megane in the French Rally Championship performing pretty well, will its presence in Lebanon, be effective and get some good results?

One of the disadvantages of rallying in Lebanon is the tarmac. In addition to tarmac our stages contain a lot of uphill driving, which needs more traction in the car so 4WD cars are more preferable. Never the less I saw the car in the French rallies, and it was performing well with big French rally champions. The car has a sequential gearbox with a paddle shift, Anti lag, and many amazing things. The car is very good and there is no reason for this car not to be tried in Lebanon and see how it performs.

In you daily life we see you driving an EVO 10, is it possible that we see you in a Megane RS?

It is very possible.

Next week we will see you in Red Bull’s Ras B Ras competition in Khobar. What do you promise the Lebanese public and your fans especially that in the last 2 experiences of a similar event you were totally dominating?

Well this time around the competition is a bit different. Last time the car was a Toyota Corolla WRC and the track was made of gravel. This time the track is on Tarmac and we have 3 types of cars, the Radical and KTM Bow, in addition to a couple of times in the EVO 9.

The driving should be clean and we should be more precise in the corners. I promise to do my best and we hope to have fun and give the people the show they deserve.

We wish you all the luck as Lebanese and we hope you make us proud as always.

Thank you.

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