August 11, 2017 – What if you could replace all your dealership visits with a few clicks? Well now you can while also staying up-to-date with the latest offers on the market, without being fooled by any.

If you’re a Lebanese citizen who’s in the market for a brand new car and you feel confused about the choices available, our friends at Karrenn are here to save your day.

Car ads can sometimes be misleading: the billboard advertises a certain model for a certain price, but then you’ll come to find that the same model actually costs a lot more. Why? Because VAT, registration, interest and insurance come into play, and these are usually not accounted for in the advertised price.

Moreover, sometimes the cars advertised on a billboard or on social media do not represent the same cars being sold in the showrooms. You look at a picture of a fully-loaded model, but later on discover that the price accompanying the picture is of a more basic trim.

Fortunately, Karrenn is here to help you out by laying out the facts. A major part of the brand’s purpose is to validate car ads to save the community time and effort and offer advice for when shopping for a new car. They’ll answer your key questions, give you the exact prices for the exact trims, and most importantly, tell you whether a car will fit your lifestyle or not.

Karrenn focuses on the Lebanese market, and in addition to validating car ads, they cover the latest in news, model launches and campaigns via their blog section. They even do video reviews focusing on what you actually care to know about.

In short, Karrenn are Lebanon’s very own car-shopping police. Their job is to guide you through the whole car-buying experience and save you the trouble of having to crunch the numbers. Karrenn is also about community, it’s a place where people like you share their opinions and reviews on various cars and topics. After all, if you’re considering a certain car, you surely want to hear what current owners have to say about it!

You can become part of the Karrenn community through all major social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram, YouTube. and Twitter.

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