August 18, 2015 – A.N. Boukather, the official Mazda distributor in Lebanon, joined the fun in the Mazda Art Contest at the Live Love Mzaar Festival, which took place near Les Jardin du Mzaar in Faraya from Aug. 8th to Aug. 16th, 2015.

Attendees were asked to unleash their inner artists and creativity by drawing Mazda’s latest sleek and compact cars, the Mazda2 and Mazda3, on flipcharts in a maximum of 5 minutes. The winner of the contest won the chance to sit behind the wheel of a brand new Mazda car for a full weekend, experiencing maximum fun and rush for having drawn the best drawing.

Mazda Live Love Mzaar

Furthermore, visitors and participants were able to interact and share their creative work through the #MazdaArtContest hashtag on social media, all in the interest of engaging others and inviting more people to partake in such cool and artistic experience.

A.N. Boukather continues to offer innovative and entertaining experiences in the automotive business. The Mazda Art Contest at the Live Love Mzaar Festival is an artistic approach charged with the pleasure of unleashing people’s creative side, and is perfectly aligned with A.N. Boukather’s understanding and appreciation of passion and innovation.

Mazda Live Love Mzaar 3

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