The people at Nissan should be happy with the GTR introduced a couple of years ago. The car has become an icon, but its success will not last long within this huge competition in the automotive world.

So here is what Nissan is going to do for the 2012 edition:

New revised chassis with designation moving from CBA-R35 to DBA R35.

New suspension geometry as seen in new lower control arms repositioned stabilizer bar and changed shock absorber angles. The result is a castor angle change from 5*35 to 6*00.

Also, the absorbers receive an aluminum free piston design as well as spring, damper and valve rate changes allowing the suspension to react faster to changes in surface and direction. The result is greater stability and road feedback for drivers.

Changes don’t seem to be significant but hopes are high for this car to preserve its status. We are waiting to see…

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