ENGINE: 3800cc 24v flat six, 402bhp

TRANSMISSION: Six-speed manual, rear wheel drive

PERFORMANCE:  0-100 km/h in 4.6sec

WE’RE USED To mainstream manufacturers creating run-out specials, but Porsche? And with the iconic  911? We’re not talking about a set of stickers though,<even if there are GTS decals  there’s actually so much extra it’s a case of finding Where to begin. For starters, the 3.8-litre flat six has been gifted the Powerkit upgrade (and switchable sports exhaust) that’s ordinarily an   option on the Carrera S. Power is up 22bhp and produced 800rprn higher, and although the torque figure is unchanged, it’s now spread across more of the rev range.

Everything is bigger at the back too: there’s the wider body from the Carrera 4, a 32mm wider rear track (and 2mm increase at the front), 305-section tyres in place of 295s, plus revised springs and anti-roll bars, and black 19 in wheels. Alcantara has been liberally applied to the interior, and a new steering wheel does away with the horrible fat spokes that have afflicted 997s for the past two years.

What you won’t find are any rear seats, though they, along with an enlarged, 90-litre fuel tank are no-cost options.

The GTS need only drive the same as its sibling to be a bargain and come highly recommended. That it’s better is a bonus. All the usual 911 attributes are present, from steering that’s more talkative than a pissed hen party, to superb traction out of corners, while the GTS chassis means it’s more stable and the grip levels are a little higher. The enhanced engine punches harder, howls louder, and, together with the more focused set-up, the GTS feels more interactive and analogue than a regular Powerkit Carrera S. The next 911 has a lot to live up to. Bag a bargain 911 now.

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