Porsche is set to unveil the highly anticipated RS version of its famous 991 GT3 during the Goodwood Festival of Speed in 3 months, the event organizers have recently tweeted.

Powered by the same 3.8-liter naturally-aspirated flat-six engine found on the “standard” GT3, the GT3 RS will reportedly produce more than 500 horsepower, which would make it the most powerful naturally aspirated six-cylinder road car produced by Porsche to date.

Aside from the power hike, the 991-generation GT3 RS will sport a more aggressive aerodynamic kit and several weight-saving measures including more carbon fiber and a stripped out cabin.

The 991 GT3 RS’s transmission has been a particularly hot topic among enthusiasts as Porsche is yet to confirm whether its road-going race car will offer a manual gearbox or not, but a PDK will definitely be on the menu.

The 2014 Goodwood Festival of Speed will take place from Thursday 26 June to Sunday 29 June, and just as every year, it promises to be packed with action and excitement, as the planet’s most glamorous racing machinery and famous drivers gather together at the Goodwood Park in England.