Saudi driver Rakan Al Rashed is gearing up to take part in the Rally Liepāja in Latvia, the third round of the 2019 European Rally Championship, to be held from 24 to 26 May.

The rally has been held since 2013 in northern Latvia along the coastline of the Baltic Sea. Designed originally as a snow rally similar to the Rally Sweden. The rally moved to be held in Autumn, becoming a gravel rally.

This year, there will be major changes in the rally schedule, move forward from September to May, to be held in Summer, with big changes in the route to cover a much wider area than ever before.

Furthermore, Rakan Al Rashed has tasted a new experience, driving a single-seater racing car for the first time; an old British made Crosslé’s Formula Ford, on the French Circuit de Charade, Al Rashed described this experience as exciting and useful.

“It is the first time I drive such a car, and although it is old but still fast, gave me the feeling of single-seater racing drivers,” he said.

“It was not just for fun, but I benefited greatly, especially gaining experience in racing on tarmac routes, surely it will be very useful in during tarmac rallies.”

This year, Rakan Al Rashed has a professional racing programme that includes participation in selected European rallies in order to develop his racing career. Participating in Škoda Fabia R5 Rally Car under “Triple R Team” banner in partnership with “Mahara Racing” and Abdul Mon’em Al Rashed Humanitarian Foundation, the car prepared and supervised by TGS Team run by Finnish rally driver Toni Gardemeister.

About Partners:

“Mahara Racing”: is a Saudi school specialised in training drivers on the racing basics and methods, and develop their skills in motorsport professionally.

AbdulMon’em Al Rashed Humanitarian Foundation: Launched several initiatives that focus on the development of youth and communities through culture, arts, music and education. Currently, “Triple R Team” cooperating with the Foundation to develop programmes for youth.

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