Have you been wondering who’s behind the mysterious billboards which carry a message of thanks to Russia? Well, if you were among those who linked them to the Lebanese president’s visit to Moscow, you’re mistaken.

The message of gratitude is from Rasamny Younes Motor Co. (RYMCO), the official dealers of the Russian LADA car brand, and it was published on the occasion of the launch of the New LADA Granta Sedan and Hatchback. Taking a playful tone, RYMCO recognizes Russia for 2 durable models, which seem to have been designed in solidarity with Lebanese drivers and their daily struggles due to potholed roads which shorten the lifespans of vehicles.

They are equipped with 4-cylinder, 1.6 L, 16-valve, 4-speed automatic transmission engines, giving up to 98 HP. The models also put drivers at ease with their comprehensive safety features and technologies, including ABS airbags, brake assist, electronic stability control, electronic brake distribution, hill start assist and a traction control system. Prices for both cars start at an affordable $10,900, excluding VAT, and they are available at LADA’s Jal El Dib, Rymco Chiyah and Baakline showrooms. ffff

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