Sergio Marchionne: People buy Lamborghinis because they can’t get a Ferrari

March 13, 2017 –  There are plenty of reasons to buy a Lamborghini: massive amounts of power, face-bending acceleration, sexy looks and large beautiful-sounding engines. However, Ferrari CEO Sergio Marchionne thinks differently.

In an interview with Britain’s Car Magazine, Marchionne stated: “I have a lot of respect for [former Ferrari F1 team principle and now Lambo CEO] Stefano Domenicali. But a lot of people buy Lamborghinis because they can’t get their hands on a Ferrari.”

While it’s true that Ferrari chooses its customers, but to say that “a lot” of people buy Lamborghinis because they’re not chosen by Ferrari is an exaggeration, we believe. Last time we checked, Lamborghini broke the Nürburgring lap record with its Huracán Performante.


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