We all like small fun cars. Especially if they’re painted bright yellow. And even more especially if they’re based on cars that we already think are really quite good. So say a cheery hello to the Fiat 500 Coupe Zagato and Suzuki S-Concept.

The S00 Coupe (top) has been created by Zagato and, with its double-bubble roof and that nice crossover point where rising C-pillar meets dipping roofline, this concept looks even cooler and cuter than the standard 500.

And it has a better engine. Fiat used the Pop Yellow coupe to showcase its second Twin Air unit — same 875cc capacity, but 103bhp not 85bhp. Other good stuff includes CO1 of 95g/km and 114lb ft of torque. The engine will be here soon.

As will this Suzuki (left). Yes, officially it’s another concept, but who’s Suzuki kidding? It needs to make this car happen.

No word on engines yet, but we do know they’ve dropped the suspension 30mm and added 60mm to the width. Looks like a rally car, has Recaro seats inside, is painted Lightning Pearl Yellow.

Should be as much fun as a night on the sauce with Mr Happy.


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