Every year starting from December we enter this cycle of competition for choosing the car of the year. We end up having around 20 cars of the year. Every magazine has its own and every website has its own too, in addition to creating the car of the year categories; which go like this: super car of the year, SUV of the year, saloon of the year etc…

Well we are going to choose the car of the year too. And it’s not surprising since many specialists had this choice too.

Have you ever thought that Citroen could be the car of you dream? I doubt that. This year Citroen presented its piece of art DS3 and DS3 Racing. The car has everything; elegance, speed, compact size, eco friendly, affordable price and so much more. The limited edition DS3 Racing is also a mesmerizing piece of art. Well Sebastian Loeb is going to drive a similar one in the World Rally Championship next year in the new and revised WRC format.

The car has such an amazing attraction that you don’t want to stop looking. Its roof is color changeable similar to what MINI had in the past. Colors such as orange and black would look great on DS3. The car in general is neither a boy’s or nor a girl’s car.

The people at Citroen should be very happy this year. For the first time they have delivered what they have promised for years. It’s not just a fashion accessory and marketing piece of crap, its very good confidently dynamic car with amazing versatility.

Well Citroen pulled it this year. Enjoy the photos.

What’s your car of the year…?

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