If you log on to the net and use any search engine like Google or Yahoo about a certain car specs and reviews, you will find two types of car reviewers; the kind that memorizes the car specification table and state it as it is adding only a fake smile on his face and maybe turning on the ignition and describing the noise it makes as soft or powerful. And on the other hand you have reviewers who have a high degree of curiosity and are true car enthusiasts, in a way that they try to demonstrate everything the car has to offer and also the things that it doesn’t offer at all. These people push every button and open every cap, they slide the car, tail kick it, turn it or even burn it to see if it can take fire! And what’s original about such reviewers is that they are always sarcastic and are never satisfied!

Just be fair

When it comes to car reviews, Top Gear and Fifth Gear always come on top. Personally I’m a fan of these shows but

eagle sharp!

when it comes to the BMW M6 I heavily disagree and I rather watch or read the first type of car reviewers and what they have to offer about the M6. The reason is simple: it’s forbidden to compare the M6 with a Jaguar even if a jag is faster in straight lines and what’s more forbidden is comparing the M6 to the Porsche 911 cause you will be comparing your grandmother and your son in a wrestling match. Adding to this I can’t imagine how someone can say that he find this car to be nice but if only they had a better dash interface, a better shape… A good car is a good car, and no car is perfect!

It’s the M6

Excuse me for getting a bit emotional earlier but when it comes to the M6 I just have to speak my thoughts out loud! Why? Well that’s easy. Combine the comfort of a fluffy sofa with the speed of the concord and the elegance of a yacht and add to the combination the voice of Pavarotti and put this in the oven from the year 1916 till 2011 and what you will get is something to blow your mind.

What you will get is the breathtaking BMW M6. It’s still a car but I think you can drive it through the seven seas and not getting wet! What BMW had given the world is extra taste and extra style and what Mpower had given BMW is a V10 5.0L delivering an astonishing 507hp and 383lb-ft torque. These numbers add up to enable the M6 to go from 0 to 100Km/hr in 4.6 seconds. And the famous 7speed SMG transmission gearbox is there to complete the equation, not only with more race like driving experience but with about 20% faster response which can be used as a security factor when it comes to the driver/car reflex in emergency scenarios.  The 6speed manual gearbox is optional and without charge; that’s very kind from the German manufacturer!

No debate about this !

However, when you think BMW and especially Mpower, the general rule is that you are thinking Speed, compact and affordable. In other words you are most likely an M3 fan! But the M6 is as I said more fluffy, more comforting. It’s the kind of care that a doctor would buy; he’s rich and always in a hurry so no play time! Therefore if I was a doctor I would be classy enough to prefer the AMG over Mpower, wealthy enough to pay about 40000$ more and busy enough to save 0.2seconds. Thus the Mercedes Benz CL 63 AMG will be the car of choice… remember that’s me!

6 series have never been better!

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Mechanical Engineer intern at Mercedes-Benz, dealt with different passenger models including AMG and also with Commercial vehicles. Owner of Spin - rent a car, experienced Test driver

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