Volvo Cars has revealed information regarding its updated High Performance Drive-E Powertrain that will power upcoming models, including the all-new XC90.

According to Volvo, the High Performance Drive-E Powertrain Concept is based on a set of technologies not usually found in a four cylinder engine, and it churns out a very impressive 450 horsepower.

The engine utilizes two parallel turbochargers, which are fed by an electrically powered turbo-compressor. The compressed air from this unit, rather than being fed to the cylinders, is instead used to spool up the two parallel turbochargers. Fuel is fed by a dual fuel pump working at 250 bar pressure.

With this kind of power density, this triple boost installation and unique fuel system, enables a very dynamic drivability without any turbo lag, compared to a mono-turbo.

Developed in collaboration with AVL, Denso and Polestar, the four-cylinder Drive-E 2.0-liter powertrain is still only a concept to demonstrate the benefits of downsizing while adding more power.


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