Vorsteiner has made quite a splash with its GTRS3 carbon fiber wide body conversion for the current generation BMW E92 M3, And for Bimmerfest 2011 (which just passed), Vorsteiner decided to debut another wide body M3 project; this time sporting a red and white theme that won itself the nickname of Candy Cane.

The American specialists from Vorsteiner decided to pull the wraps off a new tuning package too. To be more precise, we’re talk about a complete tuning kit designed for the M3 E92, a package that makes the German model faster but also brings a significantly improvements in terms of appearance.

The ‘Candy Cane’ package comes with a lightweight titanium exhaust system whereas the wheels are fitted with new 20-inch V-309 forged rims wearing 285/25/20 Michelin PS2 Sport high performance tires at the front and 325/25/20 at the back. The suspension has been revised as well, ensuring a more comfortable ride.

While the exterior is majority white, the wide body converted M3 sports red accents giving it the appearance of a candy cane… sort of. It’s a cute nickname at best with red accents seen on the wheel faces, mirror covers, hood vents, BMW roundels, and side vents.

In addition to the carbon fiber wide body, Vorsteiner also outfitted the body with a vented carbon fiber race hood and VRS carbon fiber boot lid.

Under the bonnet Vorsteiner has installed a AA E9X M3 Supercharger Stage II kit. Thanks to this, the total output derived from the 4.0-liter V8 is a whopping 620 horsepower, an increase of almost 50 percent compared to the regular M3 Coupé!

A high performance Brembo GTR braking system both for the front and rear wheels has been installed to ensure massive deceleration. On the inside, Vorsteiner provides a set of red piping logo and embroidered floor mats.

Additional performance for the BMW comes from a Vorsteiner lightweight titanium exhaust system. Giving the wide body M3 the stance that it needs on those 20-inch wheels set of KW V3 coil overs.