Events Production, in collaboration with Solidere, Beirut Souks and BLC Bank, has organized the 2nd edition of the “Classic Car Show” which will run from the 1st till the 17th of November 2013 in 4 different parts of Beirut Souks: The Venue Hall, Arwam Souk, Ajami Square and Souk el Tawileh.  This exhibition is supported by the FIVA (Federation Internationale des Vehicules Anciens).

The re-invented edition of the Classic Car Show features more than 90 cars from past decades showcasing a myriad of “Marques” and models as a “tribute” to the motoring history in Lebanon. 3 new sections have been included in this year’s exhibition, the Vintage Cars section, Rally section and Remakes section, each focusing on a different aspect of motoring.

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The vintage models displayed in the Vintage Cars section date back to the “Golden Ages” of Lebanon (1920s-1975). This section also features a retrospective of photographs representing famous Lebanese figures such as politicians and officials in their cars, and the “Golden ages of Lebanon”. The “Rally Section” is a special area with a matching décor dedicated to old Rally Cars along with the rally outfits and accessories of notorious Lebanese Rally Champions. European and American Classic cars are also being showcased in the “Remakes section” to highlight the success of famous car makers.

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Mrs. Neda Ziade and Mrs. Roula Douaidy, co-founders of Events Production, explained, “The 2011 edition of the Classic Car Show welcomed approximately 45,000 visitors during the whole exhibition period. This year’s exhibition with its newly added sections will have a great  significance because of the prime location in which it is held, namely the Souks of Beirut, Solidere’s commercial flagship destination and is symbolic of the history and heritage of Down Town Beirut.”