After the launch of BMW’s new 3 Series less than a month ago, the Biser3a team headed to the Bassoul Heneine showroom in Sed El Bauchrieh to find out more about the car.
We were warmly greeted by BMW’s sales manager Ziad Richa who was more than happy to show us around, and introduce us to the new 3er.

Before I start talking about the car, I would like to point out the immensity of the Bassoul Heneine facilities and the devotion and attention to details of its staff, which won them the “Best customer service manager” award for five consecutive years (2005-2010).
After a brief tour of BMW’s lineup, I found myself in a hall, linked to a small showroom where the new 3 Series lied.

Asked about the new car, Mr. Richa replied: “The 3 Series is the company’s central column, it’s our best-selling vehicle. We have high hopes on this one.”

Codenamed the F30, the new BMW is a delight to look at, absolute eye candy and unlike any car I have ever seen. Its curvy lines and low roofline give the car much more character compared to its predecessor, the E90. It looks extremely aggressive thanks to its prominent kidney grills – reminiscent of the i8 concept – its corona rings or “angel eyes” headlights and a very well-crafted and unique front bumper. You immediately feel the same way once you move to the rear end; L-shaped taillights, dual exhaust and a sleek boot make it a mean-looking car with a very sexy stance.

Mr. Richa was almost as excited as I was: “Come, check out these beautiful red stitches on the steering wheel.” he said.

The interior reflects BMW’s pursuit of perfection; the 335i Sport model that I had the chance to experience featured red electric leather seats, a black dashboard with detailed red stitching on the steering wheel and center console, and BMW’s famous and easy-to-use iDrive system connected to a protruding LCD panel.

The best thing about the 335i was not the lovely looks, nor the high quality cabin; It was the 3.0L six cylinder twin turbo engine under the bonnet. The high-performance unit – coupled to an 8-speed automatic transmission – kicks out a whopping 302 horsepower. Are you jealous, Mercedes-Benz C350 owners? The new 3er also comes with a 6-speed manual gearbox.
Another engine option is the turbocharged 2.0L 4-cylinder unit equipped on the 320i and 328i models.

As I was scrutinizing the 335i’s beauty, Mr. Richa said: “Take a close listen”, he then turned on the engine and gave it a rev; and oh boy was I overjoyed!

In conclusion, BMW have done a great job on this car. It’s practical, elegant, sporty and most of all, efficient. We can only wish BMW the best of luck.
Audi and Mercedes-Benz, watch out, BMW’s new weapon in the compact executive segment is deadly.

For more information on the new 3 Series head to any Bassoul Heneine branch, or call +961-1-684 684