September 17, 2012 – They say first impressions are very important, and this car is all about those first impressions. Seeing the Evora felt like Christmas morning, the styling is second to none. It is the proper descendant of the Esprit in the sense that it will always leave the observer in awe when spotting one.

Armed with a wide smile & small key that probably comes from a Georges Lucas movie, I couldn’t wait to try it. I quickly opened the door to the minimalist, race-bred interior that Lotus is famous for. It felt like a cockpit more than a car interior: no unnecessary buttons, only functional beauty resided here. The function of the car? Speed and fun. Unadulterated speed and fun. Truly a big boy toy.

For those who don’t know it yet, “Evora” keeps the Lotus tradition of beginning model names with an “E” like Esprit, Elise, Exige… it owes its name to a small medieval village in Portugal.

We had the chance to test drive this finely tuned vehicle for the weekend to see how it handles on a day to day basis. Ours came in a white/black combo.
Getting in, as with most real sports cars, required a technique. This is not a big comfy Sedan where your finely pressed suit belongs. This is a race-bred machine that will put a smile as wide as the sleek front bumper.

The field of vision took some getting used to, what with the slanted roof line and the minuscule rear window. 5 minutes in and it became a thing of the past. Riding position is comfy; a nice throw away from the rougher, sportier Exige S but the body panels forced your leg towards the pedals. There is no foot rest for your left leg, and the passenger side suffered the same drawback for his right leg. The back seat has no purpose, apart from holding a few grocery bags, or maybe a golf bag, if you’re into swinging balls through someone’s backyard.

We were lucky enough to test drive the S model, “a 3.5 Engine, Supercharged, 350HP at 7000 RPM, version”. The acceleration insures you do not require more to generate a smile. But what makes this car incredibly enjoyable to drive is the Gearbox. The gear changes are so quick as though you are playing your favorite video game. The sound is phenomenal, the up shift provides a small blower sound & the downshift is the same as Kimi’s F1 car, especially with the sports button on.

We put it through a few extensive tests. Despite the low ride, we found that no street can put a hamper on where you can drive it. The handling does not disappoint, being a Lotus. It will eat up all the corners we could throw at it and made you want to look for more, with the right amount of over steer to make it fun without compromising safety. The only drawback is that you will end up late to most appointments because the Evora makes you want to take the long way everywhere, turning each and every road into a race track.

This is truly the car for someone who wants to be unique, although it is not in Supercar territory; it will turn more heads than the most super of super cars. The dials are brilliant, the sound is exquisite, the power is smile-generating, and the styling timeless. Lotus has created an amazing Sunday car. You won’t be taking it to the airport to pick up relatives, but you wouldn’t do that with any other sports car either.

Special thanks to RYMCO, Mr. Najib Debs, Mr. Ralf Hamoush & Mr. Carl Metz

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