July 13, 2017 – The new Lamborghini Aventador S was officially launched by Saad & Trad S.A.L, the exclusive dealer of Automobili Lamborghini in Lebanon, at the Saint-George Hotel, Yacht Club & Marina. The night was celebrated in the presence of VIP guests, media personalities, Saad & Trad’s clients, and digital influencers who witnessed the reveal of the egoistic Aventador S.

After walking the red carpet, a large replica of the car’s exhaust greeted the guests as they made their way into the outdoor venue. Before anyone saw the car they were dared to test their Lamborghini knowledge, the ones who had the most correct answers were placed on a leaderboard for others to challenge.

Mr. Michel Trad, CEO of Saad & Trad, opened the evening by welcoming the Lamborghini enthusiasts to the event and the concept behind the Aventador S. The President of the official Lamborghini Club in Lebanon, Mr. Manal Abi Mosleh, was introduced to the audience by Mr. Trad as the launch of the club took place on the same night. Introducing the concept of the car and the car itself was Christian Mastro, Head of EMEA Automobili Lamborghini.

The cold start of the V12 engine was the evening’s highlight as it grasped the attention of all those that attended as the car appeared through a cloud of smoke. The crowd went silent with anticipation with the Aventador making a grand entrance through a runway of light beams that saluted it from both the sides. As the masterpiece came into full vision of the crowd, Max Venturi, Product Specialist at Automobili Lamborghini, took it one notch further by showing the car’s full potential as flames came shooting out of the exhaust.

The new Aventador S received dramatic developments, not only in aesthetics, but in its technical aspects with the four new masterpieces. To begin with, the 6.5 liter V12 engine screams out an outstanding 740 HP at 8,400 rpm and the 4-wheel drive option gives the person handling the wheel an exceptional mix of fun-to-drive and pure performance. For the first time in one their sports cars, Lamborghini introduced 4-wheel steering; this not only increases agility at low speeds and stability at high speeds, but is now remarkable around corners. In addition to that, the 4-active suspension creates the perfect body control in any kind of condition. Last but not least, the fourth masterpiece, is “EGO” mode. This enables the driver to customize their whole driving experience with a click of a button, they can choose between 24 driving modes.

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