The 2013 CX5 is now available at the showrooms of A.N. Boukather, and the car is being advertised on billboards across Lebanon. The CX5 is a Crossover SUV by Mazda succeeding the Mazda Tribute.

The company started the car’s production in 2012. After its interesting advertising campaign we decied to give the car a test drive to see how it behaves on our roads.

We will cut the crap and won’t bore you with all the technical details but we’ll instead narrate how it behaved on our Lebanese roads.

Surprisingly, we would like to start with the verdict: if you need a comfortable SUV for the family and every day use, just open the door,  sit down turn on the CX5 and drive. It’s as simple as that. The CX5 is one hell of a comfortable car.

With all the bumps on the road we thought that the car would really struggle similar to all SUVs where one would  usually feel as if he’s on a roller-coaster ride. The cars’ seats were extremely comfortable and adjustable in the best possible manner. I myself was able to adequately use the head pad the first time in my life. For some weird reason I never got to use it properly in other cars I’ve drivenbefore, and although you might think that this is a stupid detail but I thought it’s one worth mentioning.

The driving experience seems to be very chilling and relaxing straight away. You can sink in the driving seat enjoy the amazing air conditioning, in addition to an excellent sound system. The car also enjoys a very impressive rear view; the mirrors show a great deal of the road and the LCD screen just dictates the space behind so you can easily park with no problem. The car is also easy on the throttle. It doesn’t get out of hand when you put your leg down, so if you like it simple and easy, this one does it all for you. The brakes are easy and smooth too. Mind you the car has a bit of negatives. One of the things that I was hoping to see is a more accessorized car. What I mean is more makeup… automatic windows, a bit more work on the details and more design.

The car’s performance on the road is exemplary and although the engine is not so big (2.0/2.2) and is designed to be fuel efficient the car seems to respond well when asked to perform. Mind you once again, this is not a performance car, and you should keep in mind that it will not be very aggressive and very responsive when travelling uphill. The car was operating on FWD, so there was not itchy oversteer on the curves uphill. We enjoyed a trip from the Lebanese coast to the Lebanese mountain and back to the coast within around 2 hours. The car just felt extremely comfortable. I wished grandma came along.

All in all the experience was excellent. The car fits well in competition with its Japanese rivals at Toyota, Honda, Nissan and Mitsubishi, but the price tag would determine everything in the end. Mazda hopes to deliver high numbers in terms of sales in this ever growing Crossover market which is proving to be one of the most active and essential niche for car manufacturers in the world and especially in the Middle East.


Technical Specs:

Class: Compact crossover SUV
Body style: 4-door SUV
Layout: Front engine, front-wheel drive/four-wheel drive
Platform: MAZDA SKYACTIV platform
Engine: 2.0 L SKYACTIV-G (PE-VPS) I4 or 2.2 L SKYACTIV-D (SH-VPTS) I4
Transmission: 6-speed automatic or 6-speed manual
Wheelbase: 2,700 mm
Length: 4,540 mm
Width: 1,840 mm
Height: 1,705 mm
Curb Weight: 1,510 kg