June 19, 2017 – A traditional Italian brand that has existed for over a century, Alfa Romeo has had a couple of rough decades lately, with poor build quality and a huge drop in sales, they were heading to a slippery slope, until the Giulia, or if I might say, the answer to 20 years of bad decision-making.

I recently drove the Giulia, the first product of the company’s restoration plan, bigger and wider than its predecessor, and switches back to a rear-wheel drive platform with the option of all-wheel drive on specific models.

The design is exceptional and head-turning. The interior works; sleek and sporty design, with every dial needed in reach. No squeaks, no cheap material in sight, except for very few plastic parts here and there, like the lower door panels but who cares, given the tremendous improvement.

A Ferrari-like start/stop button, and Ferrari-like metal gear shifters remind you that Alfa Romeo hasn’t forgotten about its racing roots. Being involved in motorsports since 1911, Alfa Romeo was one of the first commercial manufacturers to put a powerful engine in a light-weight four-door sedan for mass production.

The new Giulia is equipped with an infotainment system, dual climate control, DNA drive mode system and comfy leather seats. The cabin quality and options has massively improved. You get a lot of toys for your money. Alfa has finally stepped into the future, without losing its sensual edge.

The car is very easy to drive around town and the sensors are very helpful in tight spots, especially for a car this wide. The 8-speed automatic gearbox is smooth with no “clunks” in traffic.

Aesthetically, the car is simply beautiful to look at. It is pure eye candy. Showing up in the Giulia gives you the same attention as showing up to a meeting with an Italian supermodel. It’s a head turner. I would have loved to drive the 500+ HP QV to experience the Giulia’s maximum output, but the docile model I tested was more than enough for an everyday drive.

All in all, the car works. Alfa Romeo’s comeback model is competing with the Germans in this segment, the Audi A4, BMW’s 3 Series and the Mercedes-Benz C-Class. Alfa Romeo’s distant success is slowly coming back with its new product range and the famous Giulia marks the beginning of the resurrection of the Italian brand. Don’t mess it up Alfa Romeo.

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