19:00 – He produced lots and lots of smoke, he hit the clipping point, avoided all barriers and he amazed thousands of people with an outstanding final attempt. Your 2017 Lebanese King of Drift is Sary Zahalan!

18:33 – We now have the 4 finalists: 1. Oliver Kik, 2. Kifah Hilal, 3. Fadi Bou Chahine, 4. Sary Zahalan.

18:25 – And now it’s Heat 1 leader Oliver Kik in the LS-powered Nissan 350Z. He’s the last car to go out in this heat, after which we’ll know the top 4.

18:21 – The crowd has gone wild as Kifah Hilal put in an absolutely thrilling performance. Can the Lebanese Drift Champion top off his year with a CPD crown?

18:16 – Baalbaki, Abou Jaoude, Bou Chahine and Haisam Koumaira have all completed their 2nd attempts and now it’s Sary Zahalan in the BMW E46 Compact who’s on track.

18:00 – Results are here, the top 8 drifters are: Oliver Kik, Jalal Deaibess, Kifah Hilal, Sary Zahalan, Haisam Koumaira, Fadi Bou Chahine, David Abou Jaoude, Mohamad Baalbaki.

17:50 – The first round is officially over. Results should be out soon. In the meantime, well-known artist Anthony Touma is getting his first taste of a drift car sitting right next to Abdo Feghali.

17:35 – Another retirement today as Rony Asmar’s car came to a stop during his attempt. Up next is Mike Daghfal in the V10-powered E46.

17:15 – Now it’s the Nissan 350Z driven by Carlos Awad. He’s the 14th driver which means there are 6 left to go.

17:05 – Bad news for Moustafa Kamal who had a mechanical failure and could not complete his run, meaning he’s out of the competition.

16:50 – Remember, in order to win the Red Bull Car Park Drift, the drifters have to hit all clipping points, avoid all barriers, produce lots of smoke and please the crowds.

16:40 – With Bilal Dabboussi, Mashaal Kawkab and Fouad Mexacy having completed their attempts, how it’s David Abou Jaoude in the Toyota GT86.

16:30 – Kifah Hilal  heads out in this BMW E30 and puts on an electrifying show. You know it was a great run by the sound of the crowds.

15:40 – We can hear the engines fire as the drifters prepare to go out for their first attempt. The first round will feature all 20 drifters, of which 8 will qualify to the 2nd round. The 3rd and final round will see the final 4 drifters compete for the crown.

15:20 – Abdo Feghali has gone out to sample the track on a Nissan 350Z and with nearly 40 minutes left before the action starts.

14:55 – If you’re a BMW fan, you’re in luck today because 12 of the 20 cars are from the German manufacturer, 7 cars have the Nissan badge and there’s one Toyota.

14:45 – In case you didn’t know, the event will feature Lebanon’s top 20 drifters: Kifah Hilal, Bilal Dabboussi, Mashaal Kawkab, Fouad Mexacy, David Abou Jaoude, Mohamad Baalbaki, Fadi Bou Chahine, Abed Kahwaji, Oliver Kik, Moustafa Kamal, Sary Zahalan, Carlos Awad, Xavier Massaad, Rony Deraoui, Jalal Deaibess, Ahmad Karaki, Elie Hchaime, Mike Daghfal, Rony Asmar, Haisam Koumaira.

August 13, 2017 – Hello everyone! We know you love drifting and so do we, which is why we’re gonna keep you up-to-date with the Lebanon’s biggest drift event of the year: the Red Bull Car Park Drift Lebanese qualifiers.

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