After four exciting rounds of the 2014 Lebanese Drifting Championship, Lebanon will host arguably the most anticipated drifting event of the year, Red Bull’s acclaimed Car Park Drift, on September 21.

According to Red Bull Middle East’s website, the event that inaugurated in Lebanon back in 2008, will be held somewhere in Beirut (exact location to be announced later). No qualifiers will be held this year, instead, the top 12 drivers from the 2014 Lebanese Drifting Championship will fight it out for the top spot, with the winning driver qualifying for the regional finals.

The Red Bull Car Park Drift 2014 kicked off in May, with the first national final in Egypt, followed by rounds in Tunisia and Mauritius before arriving to Lebanon next week. More countries will later host the event, including Jordan, Turkey, Oman, Kuwait and the UAE.

Last year’s edition of the Red Bull Car Park Drift national finals saw the crowning of Jad Himo, with Bassam Zahalan coming in second place. The former went on to win the regional finals in the UAE.