Drifting is one our favorite forms of Motorsport, and the reasons are pretty obvious. It never gets boring, with continuous action the whole time; it is relatively cheap compared to other types of Motorsport and the cars look and sound fantastic. There’s a wide variety of cars to choose from and we can never decide which one is best, but we can try…

5. Mazda RX-7


It’s one of the sexiest and most popular drift cars of all time. Fast as hell and extremely unique. However, the rotary engine can be quite unreliable.

4. Nissan Silvia S13


The Silvia doesn’t need any introductions. It is a low budget drift car and a great one at that. Also, it looks absolutely stunning if modified correctly.

3. Toyota Supra


Probably the most exotic drift machine of all time, Toyota’s Supra is very hard to find nowadays which makes it a highly desirable car. Performance is mind-blowing.

2. BMW E30 3 Series


Abundant and cheap, the BMW E30 3 Series is a fantastic car for drifting. It’s simple, light and has some pretty solid engines.

1. Toyota Corolla AE86


No surprise, the Toyota Corolla AE86 earns the top spot thanks to its simplicity. It has got a perfect weight balance, not exactly a powerful engine line-up but it is a cheap and superb car for beginners.

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