Adrian Newey on Red Bull family and 2011

“It’s an evolution of the RB5 principles [from 2009]. That’s something we’ve always tried to do. If you’ve got a decent car in the first place and the regulations don’t demand a change, then you keep evolving that car until it reaches the end of the road. The end of the road is either regulation change or moving onto a new concept as a result of development. As far as RB7 is concerned, we felt that RB5 and RB6 are a decent family line. And it made sense to keep developing that route rather than starting again.


“KERS is a big unknown this year, in as much as Ferrari ran a system throughout 2009. As did McLaren and Mercedes also has a good knowledge of that. In that sense those three teams have far more knowledge of KERS. It will be a steep learning curve for us in terms of how you operate it and use it throughout the race weekend. But for the packaging we’ve done our best to accommodate what is quite a heavy and bulky system in a way that minimizes any penalty.”

Double Diffuser Ban

“I don’t think that moving away from the double diffuser changes the overall concept of the car. The RB6 was a second-generation version of RB5, which was originally developed as a single-diffuser car. It’s a big reduction in down force, so you just try to claw some back elsewhere.”


“The new Pirelli tyres are an unknown for everybody. We had the Tuesday test in Abu Dhabi last November, but that was an early tyre and they will have been developed since then. Exactly what the characteristics are and how that affects the fundamentals of the car is unknown for everybody. It may suit some teams better than others, despite the weight-distribution restriction.”

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