Ziad Feghali had a very good comeback to the hill climb championship. Ziad who has a big history in such competitions, and has proved himself over and over on inferior cars, managed to score 3 2nd places in behind his cousin Abdo Feghali in all three rounds this season. The veteran drove a prototype EVO7 prepared by Philipe Kazan and without any big preparations managed to compete and drive hard and finish his season on the high. After the race in Bteghrine, Ziad was upbeat and optimistic about the future and asked everybody to judge him next year.

We had a quick chat with Ziad and heard his impressions after the race.


Congratulations for your second place, but this time around you were further a drift from Abdo, why is that?

We had a problem in the car. The turbo wasn’t working well and the engine was a little of. This year is over, and next year you can judge me.

Last time around we understood that your car has more horse power than that of Abdo. Why was his top speed higher?

You cannot really compare this time. We were suffering from some problems. We had a last minute failure and we didn’t have enough time to recover. Anyway at the end I would like to thank Philipe Kazan for all his effort.

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