2010 has went down in history as one of the best formula 1 seasons ever where 4 drivers fought for the championship till the last race. Well they were five before button went out of contention 1 race to go. One of the fiercest competitors of the year must be Lewis Hamilton, who finished 4th in the championship after struggling on the 3rd fastest car on the grid. Nevertheless Hamilton was in contention all the way but his 2 DNFs in both Monza and Singapore lost him the championship.

In an interview with BBC radio one Hamilton admitted that personal problems off the track affected his performance and were a bad influence to his year. He also said that he was focused on clearing up all his problems and coming back strong to pick up the title he won in 2008.

Hamilton’s problems were a mixture of family and legal issues. He first ditched his father/manager Anthony after the 2 had some unclear disagreements. Until now he has not assigned a manager. His On/Off relationship with his girlfriend, pop singer Nicole Shirzinger was a bad influence on his year too. And to add insult to injury Hamilton was fined huge amount of money in Australia when over speeding on the road facing the possibility of confiscating his driver’s license.

Hamilton finished 16 points adrift from current world champion and red bull ace Sebastian Vettel who also claimed the record of being the youngest ever world champion from fellow driver Hamilton.

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