December 12, 2016 – RYMCO, in collaboration with The Little Engineer, launched a one-of-a-kind initiative last month that aims to teach children and teenagers about the basics of vehicle technology. In order to find out more about this exciting initiative, we interviewed Mrs. Maya Halabi, Marketing Manager at RYMCO, and Mrs. Rana El Chemaitelly, Founder and CEO of The Little Engineer.

Q: How did the ‘The Junior Automotive Engineer’ initiative come to fruition?

Maya: “The Junior Automotive Engineer” initiative is a joint collaboration between RYMCO and The Little Engineer, an organization dedicated to educating young minds, and increasing public understanding and appreciation of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics, through interactive tailored programs.

Q: Do you think there are specific subjects/topics that should be taught to the students?

Maya: We look forward to playing an effective role in guiding the new generation to be aware of all cars’ basics, which creates awareness about being committed to the safety standards. Thus, drive responsibly and safely, equipped with enough knowledge in case of emergency.

Q: Are there plans to hold a similar initiative in the future, after the period of Winland?

Maya: “The Little Automotive Engineer” was launched within “RYMCO Winland” Festival. However, it has been made to stay as a RYMCO’s ongoing CSR throughout the entire year, aiming to guide new generations and provide them all vehicles knowledge related.


Q: Beside this initiative, do you think there are other ways that RYMCO can contribute in the education of children?

Maya: Working hard to inspire new generations and invest in them, in order to unleash their full potential in the latest technologies, is the core of RYMCO’s CSR. We expect more inspiring similar activities in the near future, which might lead us to adopt some talents and follow their educational process, thus qualifying them to work at RYMCO or one of our brands.

Q: This initiative targets children and teenagers under the age of 19. However, there are a lot of adults who also lack the knowledge. How can we help those people?

Maya: Although we strongly believe that starting from an early age is mandatory, no one is too old for this initiative. Hence, there is no specific age to rejoice a new acknowledgment, embrace new technologies, and to learn new and useful acquaintances.

Rana: This initiative was designed for learners below the age of 19, hence the topics tackled and information provided are simplified and easy to grasp. The Little Engineer programs expanded to include adult projects. Adults projects are tackled from different perspective, altered tools and teaching methods will be used to match adult’s abilities to grasp information. We are always ready to serve all age ranges by providing adequate activities.

Q: What are the main subjects/topics that will be tackled with the students?

Rana: “The Junior Automotive Engineer” project was initiated as a response to a raising need. As an internationally recognized, award winning educational initiative, stimulating and empowering young minds The Little Engineer aim is to bridge the gap between school and university, theory and practice. We are orienting learners, enlightening them through unique hands-on activities. RYMCO and The Little Engineer noticed a lack of exposure among teens and youth to the automotive engineering industry. Thus, we will introduce the participants to the evolution of automotive sector, automotive engineering in a simplified manner, the basic preventive maintenance cycle and their milestones and road safety as far as cars are concerned.


Q: What are the means that you’re going to use to teach the students?

Rana: Since Stimulating and motivating learners are part of our goals, we will be using interactive learning methods and hands-on and minds-on activities mirroring the project’s objectives. We will be connecting the learners through interactive e-presentations, engaging them in the hands-on learning activities using robots, following our TLE manuals, and Laptops to program their invention. Learners will start testing, contemplating and competing to fulfill the mission i.e. passing on all maintenance check points and opening the door to safety.

Q: Are there any plans to integrate such courses in our educational system?

Rana: Our target is to inspire the ultimate number of learners while giving equal opportunities to all learners coming from different economic, social and geographical situations. Implementing such course in our educational system is the ultimate solution. Yet, a development, procurement and marketing processes should be held to increase exposure. Nothing can be done alone, the government and private entities participation and support is a must for implementation.

Q: Is there a possibility to carry out this initiative with other automotive dealers?

Rana: Loyalty and integrity are in the core of The Little Engineer ethical conduct with its partners and employees. With the full support of RYMCO a long term partnership deal will be held and this initiative will be exclusive to RYMCO and its partners with series of innovative and inspiring programs to stimulate young minds to engage them in automotive industries.

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