June 7, 2016 – A car registration plate bearing the number “1” was recently sold for a small fortune at an auction in the United Arab Emirates’ Sharjah emirate.

Emirati businessman Arif Ahmed al-Zarouni paid 18 million Dirham (approx. 4.9 million USD), and his bid was 18 times higher than the reserve price; he told Gulf News: “My ambition is always to be number one.”

Sixty number plates were up for sale at the auction and the most popular numbers were 12, 22, 50, 100, 333, 777, 1000, 2016, 2020 and 99999. The auction earned a total of AED50m (approx. 13.6 million USD).

انقر هنا للنسخة العربية

UAE number plate 1 -

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