The maker of Need For Speed: Shift series and Project CARS, Slightly Mad Studios, has announced a new MMO Racing game coming sometime on PC in 2014, and the best part is that it will be… Wait for it… FREE!

This game is supposed to be the first in its genre, inspired by first person shooter and RPG games; it will be full of quests, micro-actions and side challenges and objectives while racing.

In other words, the developers tried to come up with a racing scenario where players can still score points and advance their career even when crashing early during a race or when finishing the race in the last positions, thus avoiding player frustration and rage quits from the game.

Some objectives are required to complete in races so even if a player finishes first he can still be ranked lower. Players will have to cooperate during races in order to achieve rankings and complete objectives and even form groups and own tracks carrying their logos! All in all, this game seems to have a unique new perspective and implementation never seen before in a game of this genre.


Race tracks are based on real world locations; the developers spent several weeks in different countries documenting and taking photos of the tracks (Monaco, Laguna Seca, Moscow, London…). In-game graphics seem more detailed and realistic than your average racing arcade game which is always a good thing to gamers. As to car list, still hasn’t been specified but the developers hinted that many kinds and models of cars are to be expected.

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