The launch of the second official WRC game was very much anticipated this year especially that everybody was waiting to check out the new WRC cars in action and try to drive them… Well the driving is great but the graphic are not. The graphics practically are a bit disappointed compared to games like Dirt 3 and Forza motorsports and others. Simply they got the graphics wrong.

Coming back to the game itself it is practically the best game ever for the rally die hards, you have everything, all the rallies, all the cars, and even some legendary cars, such as the group B’s and cars from both the 80s and the 90s eras. The career mode is very engaging, where you start by building your own team and go on to win world championships. The games some nice editions with the super special stages and the street stages giving some spice to the game and engaging the non rally enthusiasts in the game a bit.

Well if you are looking for a verdict, we will pass on this because the game play is so enjoyable to miss…

The game is found on PC, XBOX and PS3.

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