On Wednesday, September 19, 2018 Karpowership, owner, builder and operator of the Powerships in Lebanon invited a high-level delegation of around 40 Media representatives from all outlets (Newspapers, Websites, Magazines, TVs, Radios) on board to the two Powerships “Fatmagül Sultan” and “Esra Sultan” facing the Zouk thermal power plant.

The Media were welcomed by the representative of the company in Lebanon Mr. Ralph Faisal, and the event started with a detailed explanation about Karpowership’s presence in Lebanon followed by a technical tour on “Fatmagül Sultan” and “Esra Sultan” to show all major sections of the production and explain the importance of the free Powership, Esra Sultan, in securing electricity to the regions of Keserwan with parts of Metn and Jbeil. Esra Sultan was sent as a goodwill gesture to provide an excess of 200 MW of free electricity for 3 months to support the efforts of Fatmagül Sultan and Orhan Bey, which have been operating in Lebanon since 2013.

During the Tour, Mr. Faisal clarified the allegations about the Powerships and showed their advantages for the Lebanese community. He stated: “The Powerships are floating power plants equipped with the best technologies. The Powerships are NOT RENTED. Lebanon is ONLY paying for each KWhr of electricity generated from Fatmagül Sultan and Orhan Bey. All Powerships in Lebanon are dual-fuel, meaning they can operate on Fuel Oil or Natural Gas. The cost of electricity generated from the Powerships are the cheapest among all the old power plants (Jieh, Zouk, Tyr, Baalbeck, Deir Amar and Zahrani) and at least 15% cheaper from electricity bought from Syria. Since 2013, the Powerships have been proven to be the most efficient and reliable among all other power plants in Lebanon.

The three Powerships Orhan Bey, Fatmagül Sultan, and Esra Sultan distribute more than 600 MW across Lebanon. Their fuel consumption is the lowest compared to the old Zouk and Jiyeh power plants. In fact, Powerships are required to consume around 200 grams of Fuel Oil per KWh, which is the lowest ratio among all other offers. Therefore, Powerships remain the cheapest among all other alternatives since the State-owned Zouk and Jiyeh power plants consume between 310 and 360 grams. The final cost of kilowatt reaches about 14 cents/KWh, depending on the international fuel prices, while it ranges between 15 and 18 from EDL and Energy from Syria costs around 17 cents.

The tour ended with a Q&A session with Karpowership’s representatives followed by a lunch in honor of the media at La Creperie restaurant in Kaslik.

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