The guys from Porsche were nice enough to lend us a car for the weekend, not any car; the first car I ever wanted and will always want. The Benchmark to every sports car that every existed, the Porsche 911 Carrera S; plus, it’s a cabriolet. Refusing to change style and bodyline, the 911 remains an Icon and still is one of the sexiest sportscars that exists, no matter how old it is. Why Carrera? Simply paying homage to the most dangerous race between 1950 to 1954, The Carrera Pan Americana.

Esthetically, the front & rear ends have had tiny facelifts, the intake is designed to gather in more air and the front vents activate for better aerodynamics while the interior is pretty much the same. The 918-inspired steering wheel is standard. The 991.2 has a better fully equipped apple Car play infotainment system. Being an avid iPhone user myself, I was satisfied by how user friendly is platform is.

This 2017 Carrera S lays around 420 hp and is equipped with a 3.0 turbocharged flat 6, like most of the new models, that is impressively responsive, torquey, and sweet sounding all the way to its redlines. Both manual & PDK have a 7-speed transmission, with the PDK being a couple seconds faster.

Drivability is pure joy. The car is tail happy in a controlled manner, turn off the PASM and all hell breaks loose. Since it’s a cabriolet, one would expect to be upset by the lack of noise restriction; a feeling that never bothered me. With to the wind blocker and windows up, air management is good and cruising atmosphere is at its best. The car is a pure pleasure to drive, in traffic, open roads or mountain roads, the 911 Cabrio is a car for all seasons with a folding rooftop of 15 sec or so.

The Carrera will always be every boy’s dream car. The vision of growing up and owning one someday, is a more than satisfying purpose. With its many extensions, Carrera, s, 4s, Targa, Turbo, the 911 is the most diverse sports car on the market, with an allure of elegance attached to its name regardless of the model. Even though the rear engine, rear wheel drive blend is what started Porsches success story, the 4S remains by far my favorite. With over 1000000 911 units sold, the 911 Carrera remains timeless.


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