Beirut, February 1, 2018 – Ets. F.A. Kettaneh, the exclusive distributor of Audi cars in Lebanon, organized an adventure for 20 of their loyal customers to take part in an unforgettable and exciting journey with the Audi Ice Driving Experience, behind the wheel of the Audi S5 Sportback in Kittila, Finland.


Far from the urban jungle, in the boundless expanse of Lapland, Audi VIP customers surpassed themselves by taking curves, counter-steering, stabilizing and drifting through pristine snow and ice landscapes on circuits of up to 7 Km in length that led them over a frozen lake.

Guests upgraded their driving skills and learned to deploy the phenomenal capabilities of quattro drive to ever greater effect on the icy surface, giving them the taste of driving pleasure at its purest.

Christian Nehme –General Manager of Ets. F.A Kettaneh said: “We experienced a driving experience without limits, where we left everything behind and fully concentrated on the wheel of the powerful Audi S5 Sportback.”

‘”And finally” enthused Nehme “ to recover from all the driving excitement, a breathtaking husky tour gave our customers to opportunity to discover the natural environment of Finland, whose overwhelming beauty lies in its simplicity.

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