Customer Safety and Security is a top priority for Careem. Driven by its commitment to the Lebanese market and the company’s customer-centric mission, Careem, the region’s leading ride-hailing app upscaled the Captain Recruitment process in Lebanon with an added layer of Security.

From the moment customers book with Careem, continuing throughout the journey, safety is of paramount importance. Careem has stringent rules and a rigorous security screening and training process when it comes to adding Captains and growing its fleet. Captains undergo a set of security checks and tests to ensure superior quality always. Captains must be presentable, hold a driver’s license, a national ID number and submit a criminal record certificate with a Confirmation of Good Behavior Qualification from local mayor and an obligatory insurance.

This additional qualification will provide supplementary insight into candidates’ behavioral conduct not included in the criminal background check because it did not result in criminal convictions such as arrests and other questionable behavior. Without the Confirmation of Good Behavior Qualification from the designated entity, a candidate cannot become a Careem Captain.

“Careem is driving local innovations to turn the region’s most pressing challenges into opportunities,” said Euan Air, Director of Safety and Security at Careem. “By introducing our latest safety and security mechanisms, Careem is helping ensure the best possible experience for our customers and continued supportive work environment for our Captains.”

Captains must also partake in the training provided by Careem on customer satisfaction and how to use the app as well as pass the relevant exam before engaging with customers, who are always provided with all the information related to the Captain including his photo, his name, car plate number, in addition to the rating points he has received from previous customer evaluations.

The company has an open-door policy, communicating with its Captains often, to better serve customers they are appraised regularly, undertake continuing training, and if they do not meet the strict criteria Captains may be blocked from using the platform.

Customers are encouraged to share their rides with their family and friends to let them know they’re on the way, and they can track the ride online. Careem welcomes customer feedback to continuously enhance the quality of its services. Ongoing mystery shopping programs to help ensure customers always have a great Careem experience, in addition, our customer support is available 24/7 in multiple languages and through multiple channels.

For inquiries about how to become a Captain, interested individuals may simply apply through the Careem website. Eligible individuals will receive full training that will allow them to earn a steady, reliable income.

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