When we were 9 years old, we were watching F1 races on TV with our fathers. Christopher Feghali, on the other hand, is in Austria right now with his father, Abdo Feghali, to race in the Rotax Grand Festival. Just how important is this event? Continue reading to find out.

About Rotax MAX Challenge

The Rotax MAX Challenge (RMC) is a motor sport race formula for race karts. It is owned and organized by BRP-Rotax and its distributors. It is approved by and in compliance with the CIK-FIA, using checked and sealed Rotax MAX engines for equal performance. Only the driving skills count.

All around the world, 15,000 racers are participating in national or international RMC events to qualify for the Rotax MAX Challenge Grand Finals (RMCGF). For the very first time in history, the Rotax MAX Challenge Grand Finals will take place in Conde-Paraíba / Brazil, at the amazing track of the Circuito Internacional Paladino.

For many, it is the ideal first step into a career in motor sports. Drivers as young as 13 years old are taking part in the Rotax MAX Challenge Grand Finals and gaining international racing experience in the junior class. A large number of current Formula 1 drivers started with Rotax engines, Jenson Button and Kimi Räikkönen being among them.

What Happens if Christopher Wins the Race?

He automatically advances to the RMC Grand Finals regardless of his national RMC results. Yes, the race is that important.

Why Is Christopher Racing There And How Is It Going?

It’s Christopher’s first race in Europe. According to his father, Abdo, the main reason why they are there is “experience”. We’d like to think it’s just for that, but we know that Christoper has what it takes to win it; after all, he is the youngest RMC Lebanon Micro Max Champion in history.

He’s been practicing, for the last couple of days, on Europe’s so-called grippiest track. This has helped get a better feel of the car which, in turn, made his steering better.

In non qualifying practice, Christoper managed to top the time-sheet in a couple of sessions. It’s looking good.

Where Does Christopher Expect To Finish The Race?

Both champs, Christopher and Abdo, are hoping for a top 10 finish. We hope it will be even better than that; say a podium? or maybe even a class victory?

Saturday’s been amazing for Christopher: he rocked the time-sheets again and again in qualifying heats, hinting at an incredible race pace for Sunday.

How Did It Go for Chris?

Christopher started the race from P9. He delivered a stunning performance and thanks to his brilliant overtakes he ended the race in P2. Unfortunately, his bumper came off during in the midst of the action and that resulted in a 5 second penalty. However both Christopher and his father are happy with how things went in Austria.

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