Fahad Al-Abdullatif has entered the Jordan Baja, the Hashemite Kingdom’s first cross-country rally to run since 1990. The event takes place in the Wadi Rum region of southern Jordan on September 27-29.

Running under the banner of the Deaf Rally Team Saudi Arabia to highlight his handicap to the motor sporting world, the Saudi Arabian driver has entered the three-day event in a T2 Nissan Patrol.

His friend Ziad Al-Harbi will co-drive and the pair will use special instructions and hand signs to overcome the disadvantage of the driver’s lack of hearing.

Previous successes for the Saudi include a T2 victory at the Umm Al-Quwain Rally in the UAE in 2016, seventh overall in the category for series production cross-country vehicles at the Ha’il Rally the same year and sixth in 2017.

“My car for Baja Jordan is a T2 Nissan Patrol. I did not get sponsorship or backing so I have put the colors and logo of the new big Saudi project NEOM on my car. My target is to achieve the first or second position in the T2 category. My guiding light was Abdullah Bakhashab. I hope to walk in his footsteps. He was a great champion and a real gentleman. Now I want to encourage other drivers with disabilities to take part in this exciting sport.”

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