September 17, 2017 – The fifth and final round of the 2017 Lebanese Speed Test Championship has concluded this afternoon from the Pit Stop Karting circuit in Zouk Mosbeh.

The round, which was dedicated to the Super Series and Amateur categories, saw Rawad El Hachem (Mitsubishi Evo VIII) claim victory in the former category, followed by Xavier Massaad (Evo VII) and Elie Ghanem (Evo IX) who completed the top 3.

Mansour Chebli (Seat Leon) was the quickest driver in a front-wheel drive in the Super Series category, while Charbel Ghanem (Renault Clio RS) won the RenaultSport Cup as Daniel Terzian (Megane RS) and Marwan Saad (Megane RS) finished 2nd and 3rd respectively.

Charbel Makhlouf’s domination in the Amateur category as he recorded another victory onboard his VW Golf GTI, finishing ahead of Charbel Ghanem and Chadi Abou Assi (Peugeot 205).

Mostafa Fakhri (Chevy Camaro SS) won the rear-wheel drive Super Series trophy, while Emilie Feghali (Megane RS) and Cleane Daraze (Clio RS) went home with the Ladies in the Super Series and Amateur categories respectively.

Rank Driver Vehicle Best time
1 Rawad El Hachem Mitsubishi Evo VIII 01.39.43
2 Xavier Massaad Mitsubishi Evo VII 01.39.61
3 Elias Ghanem Mitsubishi Evo IX 01.41.36
4 Pierre Rizk Mitsubishi Evo X 01.42.60
5 Mansour Chebli Seat Leon 01.44.15
6 Rony Habib Mitsubishi Evo VIII 01.44.18
7 Charbel Makhlouf VW Golf GTI 01.44.67
8 Charbel Ghanem Renault Clio RS 01.45.28
9 Daniel Terzian Renault Megane RS 01.45.52
10 Shady Akl Mitsubishi Evo VIII 01.46.06
11 Chadi Abou Assi Peugeot 205 01.47.23
12 Karim Fakhri Mini Cooper S 01.47.47
13 Antoine Feghali Mitsubishi Evo X 01.47.82
14 Boula VW Golf GTI 01.48.19
15 Marwan Saad Renault Megane RS 01.48.35
16 Kamal Karaa Renault Megane RS 01.49.11
17 Mostafa Fakhri Chevrolet Camaro 01.49.52
18 Mazen El Haber VW Golf GTI 01.49.93
19 Nader Ayoub Renault Clio RS 01.50.01
20 Elie Chaoul Mitsubishi Evo VIII 01.50.76
21 Rawad Saify Mitsubishi Evo X 01.50.81
22 Najib Khairallah Renault Megane RS 01.50.84
23 Emilie Feghali Renault Megane RS 01.51.72
24 Chady Skayem Renault Clio RS 01.52.37
25 Richard Ibrahim Renault Clio RS 01.53.56
26 Andree Maaraoui BMW M2 01.53.64
27 Georges Aoun Renault Megane RS 01.54.95
28 Joseph Habib Chevrolet Camaro 01.55.44
29 Cleane Daraze Renault Clio RS 02.00.27
30 Contas BMW 323i 02.00.51

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