The third ATV speed test was held at Beit Chabab and started at around 11 Am and ended at around 3 PM. The track was built on the slippery sands under the pines: a closed loop with long straights in addition to very steep curves. The whole event was divided into 2 runs and the best time was taken into consideration. The contestants were divided into 4 categories and the final results came as follows:

– Utility medium:

  1. Joseph Succar(1min:10s)

-Utility large:

  1. Boudy Abou Chwareb(0min:57s)
  2. Walid helou(0min:58s)
  3. Georges El Gharby(1min:00s)

-Sport big:

  1. Tarek Chehab(0min:58s)
  2. David Asswad(0min:59s)

-Side by side:

  1. Omar Abou Chawareb(0min:55s)
  2. Toubiya Makhoul(0min:57s)
  3. Talal Najem(1min:02s)

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